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*rape joke*



*prison rape joke*



*Michael Jackson rape joke*



*Justin Bieber rape joke*




You shouldn't joke about rape.


Shut the fuck up, don't infringe on my free speech, bitch


Approximately 1 in 6 men experience sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Here are some ways you can donate and volunteer. Here are some resources for male sexual assault survivors.




Approximately 1 in 4 women experience sexual assault in their lifetime. Here are some-



Becoming a physics champion will take many time and lots of Calories.

So maybe socializing reduces stress. And maybe socializing helps one feel better overall.
And definitely it’s a problem that I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve done social things this school year.

I’m thinking it’s incredibly important to be social. And I’ve thought that being social at work counted, but it can’t. That’s not choosing to be social. That’s being forced to be around other people while you labor.
I’ve thought that there’s not enough time to be social because of school and study and most importantly having time alone with T, but that isnt true. There is time. And if there isn’t, then time must be made.
I typically avoid socializing because of things others might think or do blah blah. I could just try first, and keep trying until there are cool people.
I’ve said you can be social if you’d like to be, but there are factors that greatly hinder your ability to do so (location mostly I think).
Silly me.
You and I have been missing out on that stuff. Im going to try to do it differently now.

I understand that in reality we are not together anymore.
My head doesn’t want that, neither does my heart. So neither of them are really accepting it. It’s like were together, but you are sad and distant and I’m not allowed to do anything. That is very hard to do.
I still think nice things and I still want to be sharing the moments of my day with you.
My ness still wants to be holding you and sharing all the nice things it notices of you.
I guess that’s why I write on here, because I have all this stuff that wants to be to you but can’t really.
I’m really sorry you aren’t happy. I don’t think a lot of people who do school and work and cooking and everything else are happy most the time. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. There’s too much stress involved in all of it. I know that I’m stressed out a lot. People I talk to are very stressed too.
I think social media convinces us that others are happy because we see smiling pictures and nice quotes, but those are just little snapshots of moments. If we could see a person’s entire day, I’m sure it wouldn’t look as nice.
Happiness I probably about making those little moments bigger.
I’m really sorry, and I don’t hate you at all.

Yes, I’ll leave for class now.

I like the idea of living with a group of people and coexisting. I like the idea of community. I remember living in a neighborhood as a child and knowing everyone and everything being fairly open. That was nice. Now I live in an apartment complex with 7 other living spaces in my building, and I know not a single one of the people.

The playlist I like on always asks me if I would like to set a timer to stop playing because it’s tagged as sleepy.

I’m def going to take chemistry (although I don’t have to) because I feel like I’ll miss out on a lot of knowledge if I don’t take it.

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“The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.”

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It’s weird how my heart can beat in my stomach and my chest feels mostly not

That’s probably okay. Cleaning and studying for me yay

I keep saying “T and I” or “we” this or that and it gives this hollow feeling.

I want a pet to carry in the front pocket of my shirts. It could just sleep there most the day and I would pet it and feed it and stuff you do with pets.

i am so bad at rice.
this time, i used 3 servings when i wanted 1, and i used 1 serving’s worth of water for the 3 servings of rice.
I’ll do better next time.

I should be asleep but it’s hard. I should have showered but some people distracted me. I should have done more physics, but A didn’t catch my drift about “i’m gonna be over here studying, k?” I explained a few things like my problem with screens, entertainment targeting our demo, and how violence is a process.
What is it with people and screens though… I do it.. I try to not do it when there are people (unless public area, but maybe I should change that). I like people who don’t use screen when they could be interacting with each other instead.
It felt good to talk and laugh. C is the non-violent type. I like that. He’s closer to my thoughts than A,. A hijacks every convo and I’m like “YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT, DONNIE.”
Almost can lie down. Absorica!
I played with a glowing thing because I wanted to. It was fun to see it glow and stuff. Mr. Lion had a good time.

All of my feelings are very difficult. I made A and C come home with me so I wouldn’t feel alone and lost. I thought I wanted hugs, but after hugging my mom, I realized I just want a specific hug.

Okay, it’s off to sleep land. Hopefully some good ones. Hopefully I’ll wake up to my alarm. Hopefully this has been a bad dream. Maybe I’ll dream some meadows and picnics and sunshine and animals and cuddles and animal cuddles. fucking love cuddles. night